April 13, 2018

Coyote's gone with most our money

And all our hope.

Left us just this side

Of Mexico. 

Home feels like heaven

Compared to this. 

I know the buzzards overhead

Hold salvation in their kiss. 

It's this bad, crazy sun

That makes me think like that. 

I lost my mind

And I lost my soul


April 6, 2018

No tienen la menor idea

de lo que es perder tu hogar

con el riesgo de nunca encontrar un hogar de nuevo,

tener tu vida entera

dividida entre dos tierras y convertirte

en el puente entre dos países.

Inmigrante de primera generación.

tal vez todos somos inmigrantes


March 28, 2018

Name: Karla Ordoñez

Roots: Mexico City

A fighter is what Karla Ordoñez is. She has constantly fought obstacle over obstacle on her way to conquer her dreams. Having grown up in Teton Valley, Idaho she loves all the activities it has to offer no matter the season. With a...